St. Vladimir Parish (South Side)
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA
73 South 18th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
With joyful hearts we are happy to share that the plan for returning to in-person services has received the blessing of our Hierarchs. This means that beginning Sunday, June 28 we will have our first Divine Liturgy in the church cemetery. PLEASE read the entire plan so that we can address any concerns or questions ahead of time. We are taking every precaution, but of course cannot guarantee that you will not encounter the COVID-19 during services. If you have concerns about your own health or your family's health, please do not feel pressured to attend until you feel it is safe - contact Fr. John directly if you need anything!

A couple of notes about the Cemetery:
- Divine Liturgy will begin at 10:00am (we will not take temperatures at the outdoor services, please follow the signs for parking as you enter)
- The Cemetery address is: 5655 Irishtown Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102
- There are no bathrooms at the cemetery. We will have a sign with directions to a local gas station in the event of an emergency.
- We will make every effort to situate the altar in such a way that most parishioners can be under the shade of the trees, but it might be a good idea to bring an umbrella for both shade and in the event of rain. There will not be chairs, feel free to bring your own.
- We plan to LIVE STREAM the Divine Liturgy from the cemetery, however we cannot be fully certain that the technology will work throughout the service. We will do the best we can.
- Reminder: Please arrange to receive Holy Confession before receiving Holy Communion for the first time back (more details below)
We ask that you let us know if you plan to attend Divine Liturgy this Sunday, June 28 by sending an email to OR leaving a message on the church phone at (412) 431-9758.
Regarding Confession
Since we have not been able to receive this Holy Mystery during Great Lent, the Hierarchs have stressed the importance of receiving the Mystery of Holy Confession as individuals return to the church. Holy Communion may only be offered to those who receive the mystery of Holy Confession prior to coming to Holy Communion for the first time.

Although we will not be reopening for services until the plan has been finalized and has received approval from the Bishops, we are starting the process of hearing confessions as soon as possible to be able to hear the confessions of all who desire to receive Holy Communion.  

We will still need to follow guidance from both the Hierarchs and the government for the safety of everyone and for privacy. Please review the information below and reach out when you are ready to schedule or to answer any questions. Also, If you already have or plan to receive Holy Confession in the presence of another priest, please let me know prior to approaching the chalice.

  • Timing: I will be available to receive confession every Saturday prior to Vespers which begin at 6:00pm. There will also be an opportunity for you to receive Holy Confession by appointment either at your home or mine.

  • Location: In order to meet social distancing requirements and the privacy necessary for Holy Confession, a pop-up tent with netting sidewalls will be set up in the church yard (in front of the parish house). In order for confession to be held at your home, we will need to discuss how to meet these standards prior to my visit.

  • Safety: Confessions will be scheduled no closer than one per hour. Individuals should wear masks that cover their mouth and nose. Cleaning wipes will be available to wipe down any surfaces after each session.

  • Preparation: Consult this resource to help prepare for Holy Confession, to make it as spiritually nourishing for you as possible. Remember that all the sins we can’t remember during Holy Confession are still absolved when we properly prepare prior to coming to our Father who is in Heaven for forgiveness, while being witnessed by the priest.

This information has been shared with parishoners of St. Vladimir's via email, but we realize that there are people who have started watching our services online. We welcome all of you to join us when we begin our services in person! Please note that the Sacraments including Holy Confession and Holy Communion are reserved for Orthodox faithful. If you are interested in learning more about the faith, please contact Fr. John at (412) 513-9148.